7th Class English Book PDF

7th Class English Book PDF

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“Why is a tutor better than a teacher?
Very often, many parents think about what they want to find a tutor for their child . This may be due to the low academic performance of the student or the need to prepare for various kinds of exams, such as the OGE or the Unified State Exam. But is a tutor really better than an ordinary school teacher, and is it worth resorting to the services of such specialists for 7th Class English Book PDF?

What is a tutor?
In fact, this is the same teacher who works in a school or university, or a student of a specialized faculty. He works individually and provides private lessons for an additional fee. The price of a lesson depends on the qualifications of the tutor, as well as its localization (in large cities, the cost can be several times higher than in the periphery).

Tutor and teacher for 7th Class English Book PDF

Why are school lessons not enough?
Many mothers and fathers are concerned that their child is consistently attending school and listening to the teacher, but has a low level of knowledge or is poorly prepared for the exam. Should the teacher be blamed? More likely no than yes, since the school teacher has a strictly regulated curriculum in a subject from which he has no right to deviate. In addition, usually 20-30 students study in a class and he simply does not have the opportunity to monitor the level of assimilation of the material by each of them, because the lesson is only 45 minutes and during this time it is necessary to give new material and to interview students. Therefore, the teacher cannot be higher than his capabilities and there is nothing to blame him for. It also happens that a teacher works without enthusiasm and desire, simply for financial gain. Then there is a share of the teacher’s fault that his students need additional lessons.

Tutoring Benefits
First of all, classes with a tutor take place one-on-one, which means that the teacher can pay attention to only one student, see his strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly – work at a pace that suits him. In addition, you can significantly narrow the information itself, since a qualified tutor is clearly familiar with the exam programs and knows which topics need to be given special attention, and which can be studied superficially. The main thing is consistency
Work should not be chaotic, it is a properly planned process aimed at achieving a goal. From the very first lesson, the tutor must determine the intensity of the classes, the necessary teaching aids and tactics of activity. Of course, in the future, it is possible to make adjustments depending on the pace of the student himself, the speed of mastering the material, etc.”
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