Asli Waris a Novel by M.A Rahat


Asli Waris

Title of the book is “Asli Waris” Written by MA Rahat. A very interesting novel on some family and social issues in Urdu language. Download in pdf format to read offline.


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No time to sit quietly with a book? Try audio format. Its plus is that it can be a second activity : you ride the subway, peel potatoes and listen. Because of the high pace of life today, people listen more than they read. It’s more fun to do anything together: you can motivate each other, exchange books, discuss them, and even organize competitions. Read aloud, by role, to children at night. “Engaging other people in change fills you with optimism and motivation,” write Marshall Goldsmith and Mark in their book Triggers. Form habits, temper your character . ” The authors advise to talk about their goals (for example, about the goal of reading the complete works of Leo Tolstoy before the New Year) to as many people as possible. External stimuli motivate us no less than internal ones.

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