Bang e Dara Part 2 / Volume 2 By Allam Muhammad Iqbal

Bang e Dara Part 2

Bang e Dara Part 2 Urdu poetry book of Allam Muhammad Iqbal. The Dara Urdu Volume 2 Urdu poetry book of Allama Iqbal.


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Orientation towards the “average” student Bang e Dara Part 2. Programs, curricula, textbooks are focused on the “average” student. Classroom work is mainly frontal. Stronger children do not always get the opportunity to show their abilities. Weaker children, more often than not, do not keep up with the pace of work in the classroom. Limiting the individual approach. The teacher works with all the children in the class during the lesson. There is not always enough time for individual work. This work is structured Bang e Dara Part 2 taking into account a differentiated approach. Children receive assignments based on their learning level. Inability to control the assimilation of the material by each student in each lesson . Knowledge control takes place at the end of the study of the topic. Each student receives an assignment, performs independently and receives a point for completing it. The score obtained determines the level of mastery of the student. Intermediate control is carried out selectively from Bang e Dara Part 2. In each lesson, each student cannot receive a mark for their knowledge.

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