Biography of Adolf Hitler In Urdu

Biography of Adolf Hitler In Urdu

“Hitler Ki Aap Beeti” A biography of Adolf Hitler. A self story that was written by Adolf Hitler. This book is a Urdu translation of the biography of Hitler. Pros of a paper book:
Each book you read is remembered by the cover, the texture of the pages, and the font. Therefore, they are all different for us, and together they create a whole world.

Cons of ebook
Inconvenience in reading. Yes, it is convenient to carry e-books with you, but reading is not very convenient. Or rather, not everyone. There are many people who get tired of their eyes even when reading from super-comfortable e-books. But they don’t get tired of reading from a paper page. In addition, when reading from a luminous screen in the dark, the eyes are strongly strained due to the contrast created by the difference in the illumination of the areas visible to the operational and peripheral vision.

‘Hitler Ki Aap Beeti book as a pdf file.


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