Chand Ka Khuda (The God of Moon) By Ilyas Seetapuri


Chand Ka Khuda

The name of the book is “Chand Ka Khuda” (The God of Moon). Written by Ilyas Seetapuri. This book contains 4 beautiful historical histories in the Urdu language with the following titles.

1. Talash-e-Haq (In Search of the Right Path)

A young saint chose seclusion after being disheartened by the atrocity of monarchy. What is the right path and where is the right path? In respect of his thoughts and struggle, he had to face bitter experiences of life. He tried to take refuge in Christianity, but was not able to find the right person for it. . The helpless saint became confused. Thereafter, the monarchy played and amazing but practical joke with him. When the magic pen of Ilyas Seetapuri translated this in a legendary, then it became a beautiful and everlasting story.


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