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“How to understand that the school is weak
The choice of school depends on many factors, but it is not always successful.

Closeness to home or a familiar teacher are not the best criteria. Sooner or later, there is an understanding that the parents’ expectations were not met.

How to understand that the school is weak and should look for another educational institution for decent education? Experts suggest.

1. Rating by results – where to send the child
The consistently high scores received by schoolchildren on the Unified State Exam, regardless of subjects, are a convincing indicator of the quality of education. At the same time, the average score of the best rated schools, as their leaders like to assert, often does not correspond to these assurances. Of course, this is not an indicator of real knowledge, but a convincing confirmation of the competence of teachers, paying due attention to the educational process. And if you have not found statistics on the Internet, it is enough to talk with parents, read their reviews and get answers to pressing questions:

• for what subjects they hired tutors ;

• whether it depended on the child’s ability or the quality of school teaching;

• how the tutor assessed the basic knowledge of his ward and the ability to apply it in practice.

2. “”Staff turnover””
The stability of the teaching staff is an equally important indicator. As a rule, in strong schools, teachers work for years and value their place. The absence of teachers in certain subjects or their frequent change is an obvious sign of the weakness of the educational institution. At the same time, temporary employees treat their work “”carelessly””, they do not care about the quality of knowledge and the further fate of the wards.

3. Unhealthy atmosphere
Great learning outcomes cannot be expected if the “bull teacher” dominates the classroom and has to withstand violent peer attacks during recess. It is unlikely that such a school can be called strong, even with a high place in the ranking. At first, it is difficult for parents to judge an unhealthy environment in a team, but a trusting relationship with a child will help here.

4. Is a strong school always good
Excessive demands are a characteristic feature of strong schools. For some children, this is an additional motivation, for others it is a reason for nervous breakdowns and a decrease in self-esteem. Before transferring your child to a “”stronger”” school, think for yourself and discuss the situation with him.”
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