Dastan-e-Mughlia By Sajjad Baqir Rizvi

Dastan-e-Mughlia By Sajjad Baqir Rizvi

The book “Dastan-e-Mughlia” Written by Sajjad Baqir Rizvi. This book provides complete historical legendary to the Mughal Kingdom of India. Read complete history of the Mughal Rulers of Subcontinent in Urdu language. Information is easier to perceive and read from a paper source. The researchers conducted experiments designed to compare the speed of reading and the depth of memorization of information when using different media. We will not give numbers, but they confirmed that paper books have a significant advantage in this matter. Why? The answer lies in the previous paragraph. When reading, the brain tries to create certain clues, “anchors”. When we are dealing with a paper book, these clues are the color of the cover, the format of the publication, the characteristics of the binding, the type of pages, smells, the position of the text, the presence of pictures. Thanks to all this, a structure is created in the head that helps to look for the necessary information in the memory. In the electronic version, all texts are the same, so the brain has nothing to cling to, except for the data itself.


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