Doosri Fasal By Aleem-ul-Haq Haqqi

Doosri Fasal

Title of the novel is “Doosri Fasal” Written by Aleem-ul-Haq Haqqi. Romance, Suspense, Adventure and Social story in Urdu pdf.


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Many children are often difficult to pull away from pencils, markers or paints. They can spend hours painting albums and sheets . If a child loves to draw, then sooner or later parents have to decide whether it is advisable to teach him at an art school. What is such a study, what is good and bad in it?

4-6 years old teach the basics of such subjects as:

Graphic arts.
Art history, etc.
In contrast to the music school, which requires intensive independent training, in the “artist” students mainly work in the classroom. But there may be homework and work planned for the summer.

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