Encyclopedia Tareekh e Aalam By William L. Langer

Encyclopedia Tareekh e Aalam

Encyclopedia Tareekh e Aalam Urdu Complete 3 Volumes Written By William L. Langer. Encyclopedia Tareekh e Alam is the Urdu translation of ‘The Encyclopedia of the Word of History of William Langer.


Translated into Urdu by Maualana Ghualm Rasool Miher. An encyclopedia of world history, ancient, medieval and modern, chronologically arranged.


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Lefties often also have a good ear for music , which opens up many creative paths for such a child. For example, a left-handed person can be a very successful vocalist, play a musical instrument of his choice, and master the art of dance. Developing such talents, the child will have the opportunity to break through to the stage, and if there is no desire to do it seriously, he will always have fun in his free time.
A well-developed memory is also an undoubted advantage . Left-handed children may learn the exact sciences worse, but they will never have problems memorizing the material. More often, such children have developed such a phenomenon as “photographic memory”, having looked at the textbook just a couple of times, they will be able to almost exactly reproduce everything that was written there. This can help compensate for failures in mathematical calculations.

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