Faqahat-e-Imam Abu Hanifa r.a By Khuda Bakhsh


Faqahat-e-Imam Abu Hanifa

The title is “Faqahat-e-Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)” Written by Maulana Khuda Bakhsh. History and Biography of Imam Abu Hinifa (r.a) in Urdu language in pdf format.
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As the very first and most important disadvantage, most students note the inability to independently choose a job after graduation. According to the terms of the concluded contract, the graduate is obliged, after receiving the diploma, to return to the organization that issued the direction and work there for at least 3 years . That is, if a student, for example, studied at a university in a large city and could have prospects for employment there at a prestigious job, he will still need to return to his settlement.
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