Feroz-ul-Lughat New Edition 4 Volumes Complete


Book “ Feroz-ul-Lughat “new edition. Urdu to Urdu dictionary along with latest and modern compilations and additions. About 125000 old and new modern Urdu words meanings, compositions, expressions, conversations, belletristic and technical instructions support


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Pupils with a low level of educational activity are distinguished by excessive slowness , increased fatigue, and lack of motivation. The teacher will need an individual approach with a detailed algorithm for completing assignments. Modern educational practice identifies two main types of differentiation – external and internal . The first involves the creation of special schools for students with special abilities. This includes gymnasiums, lyceums, various correctional educational institutions. Internal differentiation consists in dividing students into groups within the class in order to organize work using different teaching methods. For its implementation, special training of teachers is required, a small class size of up to 20 people , a carefully thought-out organization of work and rest. You will need constant communication with your parents.

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