Fitna Gar Novel By Malik Safdar Hayat


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Fitna Gar Novel Written By Malik Safdar Hayat. Fitnagar Novel is another best novel of Malik Safdar Haya.



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The Delegation was trying to understand how the employees of Apple, Google, Microsoft and other cutting-edge companies were innovators. Researchers have asked many questions in an effort to understand where creativity and ingenuity come from. They found one common factor: most of the employees of these companies loved science fiction in their youth. Skills of working with information. But this is very important.Only in the book does the reader himself determine the reading speed that is comfortable for him.And he can gradually increase it. In one and the same time, a good reader can read (and, therefore, learn and understand) an order of magnitude more than a person who reads from time to time. This is why people who read books will always be in control of people who watch TV. They are really getting much smarter.

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