Goongi Cheekh by Ishtiaq Ahmed

Goongi Cheekh – Ishtiaq Ahmed

This is one of the best piece of Goongi Cheekh From the collection of or Written by Ishtiaq Ahmed It have 194 (One Ninety Four) Pages. E-books are quite expensive: about 2000 thousand for a new model. However, all new technologies are guilty of this, so the price reduction for e-books is a matter of time.

Unnatural sensations compared to an ordinary book
Conservatives and traditionalists accuse e-books that the latter do not possess all the qualities of a paper book: while reading an e-book, we cannot feel the incomparable aroma of a book, we are deprived of the easure of touching paper pages and noisy turning of pages. Of course, this consideration cannot be taken seriously as an argument.



Goongi Cheekh
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