Hazrat Yousaf a.s By Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Hazrat Yousaf a.s

Book name is “Hazrat Yousaf as Qaid se Mahal Tak” Written by. Muhammad Tahir Jagrol. Story of the Prophet Yousuf a.s in Urdu language. Download in pdf format to read offline.


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The problem of “white crows” . In each class there is one or several children who stand out against the background of the classroom with their character, peculiarities of their outlook. Sometimes their views are so radical and interesting that they cannot always find a response from classmates. Such people are called “white crows”. The level of individualism in them is very high. These are non-conformists who are not used to and cannot work in a team. They prefer individual work. It is very difficult to organize them into group forms of work in the lesson.

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