Intezare Fasle Gul By Nighat Abdullah Novel PDF

Nighat Abdullah Novel Intezar-e-Fasl -e-Gul PDF

Nighat Abdullah Novel – “Intezare Fasle Gul”. Today, every home has computers and all sorts of gadgets. The Internet gives us many opportunities. You can find any information about someone or something, you can watch films, programs, you can even travel in virtual space, you can find any book and read it online or download it to electronic media.

Why do many people still prefer the “living” book?
4 out of 5 senses: touch, smell, hearing and sight. When you take a book in your hands, you feel its heaviness, weight. It gives you pleasure to touch the pages with the pads of your fingers and hear their rustle when turning over. Books also have a smell. Old tomes have their own special, unique scent of wisdom. The new book smells different. This is the smell of anticipation of the unknown. They are alive and they have a soul. Anyways, let’s move to our topic that is Nighat Abdullah Novel – “Intezare Fasle Gul”.


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