Jab Zindagi Shuro Hogi By Abu Yahya

Title of the book is “Jab Zindagi Shuro Hogi” Written by Abu Yahya. If a teacher is an introvert, then it is difficult for him to be artistic . A closed, shy or “lazy” person in communication can to some extent learn pedagogical artistry, behave in accordance with the image, and people will really be drawn to him. But after a working day, an introvert teacher needs to replenish his reserves of energy: do what he loves, take a walk, or just listen to music. Otherwise, professional burnout can very soon occur – a problem in which it becomes unbearable to work with children.
Not every student is ready to open up to the teacher , therefore, opening up may feel discomfort. Often, an artistic teacher can lead a child to a frank conversation, sometimes without even noticing it. But anxious, shy and modest children, having opened up to the teacher, can sometimes be very worried about this. The point here is either an insufficient level of trust, or the fact that the child decided for himself that he would not talk about it, but it turned out differently.



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