Kis Pani Se Wazo Jaiz Hai By Mufti Muhammad Faiz Ahmad Awaisi Rizvi


Kis Pani Se Wazo Jaiz Hai


Title of the book is “Kis Pani se Wazo Jaiz Hai” Written by Mufti Muhammad Faiz Ahmad Awaisi Rizvi. This is an Islamic learning literature in Urdu pdf.

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It is difficult for a teacher to control the level of knowledge of each student . Despite the teacher’s efforts to pay attention to each student, it is impossible to control all the children. If there are 30-40 people in the class, and the lesson lasts only 45 minutes, then it is practically impossible to interview each student. Yes, it is possible to test knowledge in writing, but oral reasoning also plays a large role in traditional teaching.
All students receive the same information , regardless of personal capabilities and interests. Strong, average, weak in knowledge students, gifted children and children with disabilities, they all study in one form, without taking into account the fact that each of them needs a different volume and different quality of education.

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