Koi Baat hai tery Baat main By Umaira Ahmad

“Koi baat hai tery baat main” written by Umaira Ahmad. This is a very beautiful and popular romantic and social Urdu novel of the author.

1. Reading books increases vocabulary
When you read works of different genres, you come across words that are not usually used in everyday speech. If a word is unfamiliar to you, it is not at all necessary to look up its definition in the dictionary. Sometimes the meaning of a term can be understood by its content. Reading not only helps in increasing your vocabulary, but also improves your overall literacy.

2. Reading helps you communicate with people
Reading increases not only literacy, but also your speech skills – the ability to articulate your thoughts clearly, clearly and beautifully. After reading a few classics, your storytelling talent will increase. You will become a more interesting conversationalist, making an especially great impression on those people who do not read at all.


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