Maloomat Tareekh-e-Islam By Shaair Ali Shaair

Maloomat Tareekh-e-Islam

Title name of the book “Malumaat Tareekh-e-Islam” Written by Shaair Ali Shaair. A quiz guide. Top Questions and Their Answer for Islamic History. Very informative book about the Islamic History in Urdu language. Download in pdf format to read offline.


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Before answering the question posed, one should understand the reasons why the child writes using the left hand. Everyone knows that the main organ that determines our actions is the brain. It is from him that signals emanate to our muscles, allowing us to make movements. The brain consists of two hemispheres – right and left, and each is responsible for certain functions.

The left is responsible for speech , abstract thinking , for the right – imaginative thinking, above all, the ability to art. Children who write with their left hand are more often gifted in the fields of art, are inclined to create beauty and creativity is given to them with particular ease. However, when studying with such children, everything is much more difficult, reading and writing are worse for them, it is more difficult to study the exact sciences, and developmental delay is possible.

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