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Meri Dharkano Ko Qarar Do Novel by Maryam Aziz Read Online

Meri Dharkano Ko Qarar Do Novel

This is one of the best piece of Meri Dharkano Ko Qarar Do From the collection of or Written by Maryam Aziz It have 046 (Forty Six Only) Pages. How not to be distracted while reading?
Force yourself to re-read . Our brain is an instrument of cognition. This is not an independent uncontrollable organism, but a part of you that you need to be able to subdue. When consciousness tries to draw thoughts into a more pleasant and simple channel, or “chews” some emotions, then you simply rush your eyes along the text, not thinking about the meaning. So you can sit for a few minutes staring at a book. If the brain trick works, then you just put the volume aside.
The brain does not want to read, it is lazy. Therefore, stop yourself, look carefully at the text and return to the place that you were still reading consciously. Re-read what you ran with your eyes, try to comprehend. Sometimes it happens that a paragraph has to be re-read many times. But this way you make it clear to your inner lazy person that cheating will not work, and that you will still force him to read everything in good faith. After a while, the habit of being distracted from the text by an internal monologue will disappear, since repeated reading of the same passage will work as a punishment effect.


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