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Mohabbat Dil Pe Dastak Part 1 Novel by Effit Seher Pasha

Mohabbat Dil Pe Dastak Part 1 Novel

This is one of the best piece of Mohabbat Dil Pe Dastak From the collection of or Written by Effit Seher Pasha It have 187 (One Hundred & Eighty Seven) Pages. Take a break before reading. You also need to be able to correctly start a reading session. If you have just been engaged in some complex mental activity, then some time after the completion of the work you will return to it in thoughts. The head should “cool down”, thoughts should settle down. Relax for 15-20 minutes, do not think about anything, listen to birdsong or calm music, take a walk with your dog or sit with a cup of tea in the garden, if there is one. Relax and complete the previous activities, and then you will fully integrate into the reading process.
Do not eat while reading or read while eating. I think this is understandable: if you do something at the same time, then neither one nor the other will really work. This applies to all activities in general, therefore, if you have the habit of combining several things at once, fight. Your thoughts should be completely focused on what you are reading.
What to do if noise gets in the way? It often happens that it is not an internal monologue or confusion in thoughts that interferes with concentration, but objective external factors. Neighbors are watching TV, children are screaming in the yard, cars are driving on the street … You can fight annoying sounds in different ways. First, remove. That is, try to minimize – close the window, ask the neighbors not to make noise. And in the end, just plug your ears with earplugs. You can change the reading time by choosing the part of the day when there is the least noise around. You can interrupt, for example, turning on unobtrusive instrumental music. True, some music also interferes with reading, so this option is not suitable for everyone.


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