Muhammad Bin Qasim Part 1 By Naseem Hijazi Novel

Naseem Hijazi Novel – Muhammad Bin Qasim Part 1


The title of the book is “Muhammad Bin Qasim Volume 1” Written by Muhammad Naseem Hijazi. An Islamic religious historic and biographical story of Muhammad Bin Qasim in Urdu language. If we talk about spirituality, there is even nothing to say: reading, for example, a work of art is a huge work. This is also a kind of co-creation (to imagine, see, speculate, decipher, enjoy the language of the writer, that is, be in a “dialogue” with the author). Compare with that ready-made that a person swallows, using the Internet.
I will say the same about aestheticism. A Naseem Hijazi Novel Muhammad Bin Qasim Volume 1 book in the form of an electronic page looks in comparison with a real one, approximately like an mp3 file on a computer compared to a purchased disc: you can read and listen to it, but where is the cover, where is the design? You can’t hold it in your hands and understand that you have, in general, a treasure!

Anyways, let’s move to our actual topic that is Naseem Hijazi Novel Muhammad Bin Qasim Volume 1 book

Muhammad Bin Qasim Volume I by Naseem Hijazi Novel


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