Munafiqat Aur Us Ki Alamaat By Dr. Muhammad Tahir Alqadri

Munafiqat Aur Us Ki Alamaat

The name of the book is “Munafiqat aur us ki alamaat”. Muhammad Tahir Alqadri. This book provides Islamic information on dissimulation, insincerity in Urdu.

The book is in the following format:


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Modern society sets a task for the school – training and education of an active personality who will not only have a sufficient level of knowledge about the world around him, but will also be able to defend and substantiate his position, easily find a common language in the team, etc. From this point of view, group forms of classes have one of the priority values. But they perform rather not cognitive, but psychological and educational tasks – they eliminate barriers in communication between peers, help to learn to express their opinion, overcome anxiety, educate children to tolerance and the ability to listen to the opinions of others, defending their position. If we are talking about the quality of training, then some group forms of work will not be enough. They should be used, but dosed, along with the classical forms of education and upbringing.

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