Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Read Online

Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

This is one of the best piece of Mushaf From the collection of or Written by Nimra Ahmed It have 493 (Four Hundred and Ninety Three Only) Pages.

Book reading rules

To better understand what you read, Mortimer Adler, author of the book How to Read Books. A Guide to Reading Great Works ”, advises to follow three rules of reading books:

Get an overview of the book and analyze its structure;
While reading the book, look for a common language with the author and delve deeply into the essence of the text;
After reading, form your own critical opinion of the book.
Moderation of reading
Of course, reading books is useful for the professional, intellectual and moral development of a person, but reading can also be dangerous. So, for example, if you read more than you have time to understand and comprehend your own thoughts, you are replaced by the thoughts of the authors of the works that you read. Correct reading of books presupposes moderation – so that it is clear that you are not just reacting to the quotes and thoughts of others, but also producing something of your own.

Put new knowledge into practice
Another important rule of reading books is to ask yourself more often how this or that advice can be useful to you and how you can use it in your life.

It happens that after reading one book on self-development, a person begins to greedily read another. In most cases, the efficiency of this reading is zero. Since the information received is not used, it is forgotten over time, because a large flow of information (knowledge) simply does not have time to keep within the shelves in the mind. Therefore, after reading the entire book, do not rush to download or buy another, but rather draw up an action plan for development based on the knowledge gained. Apply the knowledge gained in practice. A good book is not a tabloid novel that is read in one day, but a gift of fate that you need to skillfully translate into practice.


Anyways let’s come to the point Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Read Online

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