Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak By Naseem Hijazi

Pakistan Se Diyare Haram Tak by Naseem Hijazi

book written By Naseem Hijazi. A travel story in Urdu language. Why is reading books useful?
Improves sleep
If you systematically read before bedtime, then soon the body will get used to it, and then reading will become a kind of signal that speaks of an imminent retirement to sleep. This will not only improve your sleep, but you will also feel more invigorated in the morning .
Improves brain activity
When reading, we usually imagine a lot of details: characters, their clothes, surrounding objects. It is also necessary to remember many things that are needed to understand the work. That is why reading trains memory and logic.
Improves concentration .
When reading, it is necessary to concentrate on the content of the work, without being distracted by extraneous objects. This skill is very useful in any other activity. Reading books also develops objectivity and the ability to make informed decisions.

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