Peer-e-Kamil Novel By Umaira Ahmad PDF Download

Peer-e-Kamil Novel By Umaira Ahmad PDF Download

“Peer e Kamil” Urdu novel Written by Umaira Ahmad is a marvelous story of such a boy named “Salar Sikandar “. An extra ordinary intelligent boy but does not know the meaning and purpose of life. I know it’s a fact that printed book has much more benefits as compare to ebooks but always keep in mind ebooks is a cost effective or even free way to learn. And all of us know that printed books have good cost even sometimes its totally not affordable for a common person.
Few Facts
Here’s a list of the fun benefits of a printed book over an e-book:
If you spill a drink on a book, it won’t become unusable.
You cannot fold a page in an e-book, even a virtual one.
You cannot give an e-book to the author for him to sign (not yet).
The e-book cannot be used as a door stop or placed under the window sash so that it does not close.
A printed book will not break if dropped.
A used e-book cannot be sold.
The printed book does not need to be charged.
If necessary, you can burn the book to save yourself from the cold.
You won’t feel unbroken by paying three hundred rubles for an insubstantial set of bits and bytes.
A printed book can be left on a sun lounger by the pool (better if it is paperback and pretty shabby) to show that the place is occupied, but it is not recommended to do this with an e-book.
A printed book can be read in the brightest sunlight.


Peer-e-Kamil Novel By Umaira Ahmad PDF Download

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