Perished Nations (Tabah Shudda Aqwam) in Urdu By Harun Yahya


Perished Nations

Book name is “Perished Nations” (Tabah Shudda Aqwam) written by Harun Yahya. History of the destructed nations world wide in Urdu pdf.


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All training programs are aimed at gaining knowledge in the morning and in the middle of the day. Getting up to school early teaches discipline. Most professions involve working in the morning. It is easier to instill useful skills in childhood than in adulthood. If you give free rein to the child, then there will be problems with discipline.

Certification and exams
Regardless of the form of education, the child will take all exams and tests at school , along with the rest of the students. The parent does not know all the features of the teacher’s training, which will create problems. The specialist’s explanation may differ from the parent’s.

There will also be a problem with the team. In an unfamiliar society, a child may become confused, and the success of exams depends on concentration.

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