Principles of Deen By Mufti Abdul Wahid

Principles of Deen By Mufti Abdul Wahid

Title of the book “Principles of Deen” Written by Mufti Abdul Wahid.

The first rule that a person who wants to read a lot of books should take into account is to compile a list of books, those that he needs and wants to read. For some, such lists are made by mentors, someone makes them himself.

If you don’t have a coach , you can easily make a list of the books you need to read yourself. First, decide for what purpose you are doing this. The list is created for self-development, for general educational purposes, for the development of certain professional skills, etc. In any field and in any genre, there are works that must be read. Start with them. Further more. Follow the announcements of new products in business publications and listen to the opinions of people who are authoritative for you (for example, if you take the Secrets of the New Rich program, there the heroes share advice and offer to read this or that book).


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