Qafla-E-Hijaz Novel Part 3 By Naseem Hijazi

Naseem Hijazi Novel – Qafla-E-Hijaz Part 3

Qafla-E-Hijaz Novel Part 3 (The Caravan of Hijaz) Writer of this fiction novel is Naseem Hijazi who has very popular for his historical novel based on Islamic History. Today, not only a professional writer, but also anyone who wishes can print a book in a printing house. The development of technology has made it possible to automate the book-printing process, thanks to which modern printing houses produce quality products at affordable prices. However, technological progress has also created an alternative to traditional books. We are talking about electronic books. They attract many of their features, but are they a real competitor to printed books? You should not rush to conclusions, because paper books have a number of undeniable advantages.

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Qafla-e-Hijaz Part 1 by Naseem Hijazi Read online Free Download

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