Qafla-e-Hijaz Part 1 by Naseem Hijazi Novel

Naseem Hijazi Novel – Qafla-e-Hijaz Part 1

Qafla-e-Hijaz Part 1 The Caravan of Hijaz is in the renown of Naseem Hijazi in Urdu language. The main advantage of a paper book (existing thanks to offset printing of books ) is its materiality. It’s so nice to hold it in your hands or open it on your lap, slowly flip through pages, make bookmarks or make your own notes. Physical signals help to visually navigate the book, while in the electronic version a person is “lost” in an endless text, and information is more difficult to perceive. Everyone reads in their own way – some fold the corners of the pages, others read books in several places at the same time, for someone it is important to feel the “bookish” smell. No electronic device will give you as much emotion as your favorite shabby volume or a chic collector’s edition. A person becomes attached to a book, and giving it to a friend or acquaintance means to share something intimate.

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Qafla-E-Hijaz Novel Part 3 By Naseem Hijazi

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