Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 2 By Naseem Hijazi Novel

Naseem Hijazi Novel – Qaisar o Kisra Urdu novel Part 2

Title of the Novel is “Qaisar-o-Kisra” (Caesar and Kisra) written by Naseem Hijazi.

I know it’s a fact that printed book has much more benefits as compare to ebooks but always keep in mind ebooks is a cost effective or even free way to learn. And all of us know that printed books have good cost even sometimes its totally not affordable for a common person. As you know we can’t compare with the smell of turning pages – the smell of knowledge, human wisdom, the flight of fantasy? The book develops imaginative thinking. For me, neither television nor the Internet can ever replace the enjoyment of reading cognitive books that develop personality.

The book has “its own soul” …
you can savor the lines of the book, re-read, put the book down, pick it up again … you can read while lying down … and in general, a book is a BOOK!
the book does not dull the brain – unlike the Internet … the book makes more sense …

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Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 1 By Naseem Hijazi

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