Qasasul Anbiya Part 2 by Ghulam Nabi Bin Inayat Ullah

Qasasul Anbiya Part 2 by Ghulam Nabi Bin Inayat Ullah pdf

The title is “Qasasul Anbiya” Translated by Ghulam Nabi Bin Inayat Ullah. This is the second part of this book in Urdu pdf. Pros of paper book
When reading a paper book, we experience emotions more vividly. Again, this is confirmed by experience. Scientists have studied the physiological reactions of the body, and in particular the activity of the nervous system when reading paper and e-books. In the first case, these reactions were almost twice as high.
Let’s not discard such cute nuances as the smell of book pages, the pleasure of buying a fresh volume in a beautiful cover, looking at the spines on the shelves of your home library … Simply put, paper books in themselves evoke more pleasant emotions.
By the way, a home library stimulates children to read much more than an e-book. Rows of colorful volumes evoke curiosity, while gadget use is reduced to games and social media.
Cons of a paper book:
Paper books are heavy. Today, many people only have time to read on the subway or train, and on the road it is not always possible to take a weighty volume.
They take up a lot of space, so the number of paper books in the house is limited, while electronic books can be collected in tens of thousands.
It was said above about the environmental friendliness of e-books – paper books have a corresponding disadvantage, since wood is needed for its production.
You need to buy a paper book, but an electronic one can be easily downloaded for free.
If a friend asked to read a paper book, it can go away forever. The electronic one can simply be copied.


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Qasasul Anbiya Part 1 by Ghulam Nabi Bin Inayat Ullah

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