Roza Aur Itikaf Fazail o Masail By Dr. Tahir Al-Qadri


Roza Aur Itikaf Tahir Al-Qadri Pdf

The name of the book is “Roza Aur Itikaf Fazail o Masail”. Muhammad Tahir Al-Qadri.

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Traditional education involves the transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities from the older generation to the new through explanations, explanations, illustrations and other traditional methods. This model has existed for quite a long time; in recent years, most educational institutions have made attempts to replace it with more modern models: individual-personal, positional-didactic, projective, and others. On the one hand, traditional teaching has demonstrated its effectiveness for many years, but on the other hand, with the introduction of modern technologies and a change in the consciousness of students, it is gradually losing ground.

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