Shahnama-e-Islam Volume 1 By Hafeez Jalandhari

Shahnama-e-Islam Volume 1

The book “Shahnama-e-Islam” is a very famous book about Islamic History in the form of Urdu language This book was written by Abul Asar H afeez Jalandhari.


You can download Part 1 of this book from the below link in Pdf format to read offline.


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Shahnama-e-Islam Volume 4 By Hafeez Jalandhari

Low student activity . Every child hopes that today they will not ask him, but someone else, so they prepare less well for the answer. Students practically do not have the opportunity to communicate with each other, which means that they cannot exchange opinions , hear other points of view, express their own and discuss the information received in the learning process. This negatively affects outlook and communication skills.

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