Shrikant By Tariq Ismail Sagar


Shrikant By Tariq Ismail Sagar

Title of the novel is “Shrikant” Written by Tariq Ismail Sagar. A fantastic Urdu novel in pdf format.
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Most people cannot read. At least many of us don’t know how to do this effectively. We are unable to read quickly, but even if we read slowly, then we cannot remember the plot, characters, or other important details from the book. It’s a shame. But there is a simple technique that will help you double your reading speed and easily memorize the contents of books. Try it! Reading is a healthy (and healthy) habit . But to maintain and improve it, regularity is needed. Set aside half an hour a day to read a book in a relaxed and pleasant environment, such as in a comfortable chair before bed. After two to three weeks, you will get used to it so much that you will not be able to go to bed without this ritual!
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