Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi History in Urdu

Ibrahim Lodhi By Aslam Rahi MA

Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi was the elder son of ruler Sikandar Lodhi. He was the ruler of the death of his father ruler Sikandar Lodhi in 1526. He was the last ruler of the Lodhi family.

Ibrahim was an ethnic Afghan from his father side. Sikandar Lodhi, however, was not blessed. He faced variety of problems. The Miwar Raja Rana Singh extended his state to Uttar Pradesh and vulnerable to attack Agra.

There was a rebellion within the East. He additionally pissed off the nobility. He was feared and loathed by his subjects. His Afghan nobility eventually invited Babur to invade Asian country.

Ibrahim died within the Battle of Panipat, wherever Babur’s artillery and therefore the desertion of the Lodi’s troopers diode to his downfall, despite superior troop numbers.

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