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Tareekh Farishta Urdu Volume 3 and 4 By Muhammad Qasim Farshta

Tareekh Farishta Urdu Volume 3 and 4 PDF

Tareekh Farishta is a book of Indian history which was written by Muhammad Qasim commonly known as Farishta (Angel) started this work in 1589 by the consent of King of Hyderabad Deccan. The original book was in Persian. This Urdu was translated by Abdul Hai Khwaja The book is in four volumes and describes the complete history of ancient India, from the very beginning till the year 1607. This book also describes comprehensive data of information concerning Hindu’s faith and provides a brief introduction to ‘Maha Bharat’ in Urdu language.

You can read 3rd and 4th volumes of this book mentioned links.


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Tareekh Farishta Urdu Volume 1 and 2

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