The Transatlantic Slave Trade a History, Revised Edition

The Transatlantic Slave Trade a History


The transatlantic slave trade played a major role in the development of the modern world. It both gave birth to and resulted from the shift from feudalism into the European Commercial Revolution. James A. Rawley fills a scholarly gap in the historical discussion of the slave trade from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century by providing one volume covering the economics, demography, epidemiology, and politics of the trade.


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In the past, home education was puzzling for most people. Now this technique is gaining popularity. She has many nuances that you need to know before choosing a form of study.

The reason for switching to home schooling may be:
Physiological and psychological characteristics.
Negative relationships with other students.
Poor assimilation of the material.
The risk of staying for a second year due to poor performance.
Parents’ desire to educate the child on their own.

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