Tsavo ke Aadamkhor (The Man Eaters of Tsavo) by Colonel J.H Patterson in Urdu pdf

Tsavo ke Aadamkhor by Colonel JH Patterson

The book “Tsavo ke Aadamkhor” in a hunting story written by Colonel JH Patterson. Urdu translation by Syed Alla-ud-Din. This is a hunting story of a man in the Jungle of Tsavo.


Colonel J.H Paterson was a professional hunter who was writing his memories in this book. Later on this book was translated to Urdu language. You can download the complete book in pdf format.


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The conference participants in the amount of 50 people were presented with a story of 28 pages. Half received it on the Kindle, the other half read the story on paper. The experiment was led, by the way, by Ann Mangen , Ph.D. from the University of Stavanger – she is one of the few scientists who conducted such studies. Purpose: to understand whether the format in which you read literature affects what emotions you read, and how well you remember it.

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